Sumner County resident, Toby Ellis, is ready to serve as the Sumner County Road Superintendent in 2022!

Toby currently has 35 years of experience in road building and construction ranging from residential, commercial, to large TDOT roadway projects. Over that period of time, he has built a reputation of integrity and true leadership. He is a second- generation road builder and has successfully managed local construction road divisions since 1994. He has owned and managed his own paving company, as well as, consulted local cities in their paving construction endeavors. He understands state and federal regulations and has helped the cities in and around Sumner County save money and improve their proper paving procedures, which adds to the longevity of the roadways. He has managed projects ranging from private parking lots to major million-dollar TDOT roadway projects.
toby photo
" I will make sure Sumner County roads are safe and can handle the growth of our community."
"I will take on projects that will help reduce traffic."
"I will always protect taxpayer dollars and find ways to save money."

"Toby has my vote!"

" I have been friends with Toby for over 20 years and have seen first hand what he can do with his experience at work. His knowledge and understanding of private city, county and TDOT goes without saying. Sumner County would benefit from his leadership."​
Shawn Fennell
Vice Mayor of Gallatin
"As a co-worker at the city of Gallatin, Toby Ellis was a respected expert who was valued for his knowledge innovation and spirit of cooperation and collaboration. He is a great man whom I consider a friend. We would be fortunate to have him in this important role for our Sumner County."​
Paige Brown
Mayor of Gallatin
"I have known Toby for 40 years. I believe he has the right combination of experience, training, character and drive to recommend him to the voters as the right choice for Sumner Co. Highway Superintendent."
Richard Jones
Professional Engineer
“Vote for my friend. He’s a good man and will do a great job!"
Larry D. Meadors Jr.
“You have me and my families support! We would be thrilled to see Toby Ellis win this! Toby is one of the finest men I know.”
Stephanie Upton
“This is awesome. Great man for the job. Well known in the profession with the knowledge and work ethic for the people of Sumner County. Toby has my vote!”
Dewayne Buck Rogers
"If you do not know him... you are missing out! We have known Toby for many years and he will absolutely be an excellent, honest and trustworthy servant of his community!! Vote Toby Ellis!!”
Karen Davis
"I have known Toby Ellis as a close friend for over 20 years, many of those years also spent as coworkers. Toby has built a career in the roadway and construction business based on honesty and integrity. Toby is man who cares for his friends as well as coworkers and would make a great choice for highway superintendent of Sumner County."
Terry Briley
“You have our vote - you are a man of integrity being led by God which is what we need to turn this mess around.”
Bill McCullough

You can help ensure the progress of our county runs through experience.

Thank you!